• Dynalinq Workflow Suite (DWS)

Dynalinq Workflow Suite (DWS)


Successful implementations of complex processes enabled by the Dynalinq Workflow Suite. Providing smart software to DynaGroup to automate processes, using flexible standard modules. After implementation the competitive advantage is ensured by intelligent maintenance and powerful extending mechanisms.


The successful customer intimacy provisioning of the DynaGroup (characterized by ‘best fit’ solutions for each individual customer), is for a large part driven by the IT solutions provided by Dynalinq (a 100% daughter of DynaGroup).

Being a leading innovator for many years, Dynalinq can build on massive experience in successfully automating complex business processes for top-tier companies across various industries. The philosophy of process automation using configurable and reusable building blocks, led to the creation of the Dynalinq Workflow Suite (DWS).

DWS, the enabler:

Implementing new business processes and launching new services is a common practice for Dynagroup. Not only the human, but also the physical supply chain (warehousing, fulfilment, logistics, etc.) aspects of these changes are taken into account. As well as the realisation of the crucial and required IT component. Although differences in products, services and organisational characteristics make each implementation unique, still Dynalean is able to deliver with:

  • High speed, high quality; using standard building blocks that are completely configurable, offering a custom solution with the advantages of generic components.

  • Reliable technology; making use of Microsoft technology, Dynagroup customers have been supported beyond expectation for many years.

  • Scalable to customer needs; the modular approach enables expanding a customer solution both in detail as well as covering completely new functionality domains.

  • Safe and simple integration with customer infrastructure; the intelligent architecture reduces complexity of integrating to external systems.

  • Channel independent; however your services are delivered: in a shop, via indirect partners via the Internet or over phone, DWS will deliver. It is completely channel independent and will ensure optimal orchestration.

DWS Implementations:

A main strength of the DWS lies in its simplicity, the three-step implementation mechanism consists out of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Define the desired business process

  • Step 2: Configure the process with the standard modules and (if required) integrate to external systems

  • Step 3: Complete the parameters of the individual building blocks and assign the business logic into the rule engine

DWS structure:

Dynalean Workflow SuiteThe Dynalean Workflow Suite is driven from a powerful workflow engine that effectuates the defined processes. Changes to processes can be effectuated real time, supported by out of the box versioning mechanisms (of both processes as sub processes).

The use of a Rule engine, which can be configured using understandable language, makes implementing Business logic easy. The EAI (enterprise application integration) module ensures correct integration to multiple systems.

In the user interface there is a choice: both a thin client (browser) as well as a rich windows client are available to users. This makes the use of the DWS possible in all environments. DWS also offers a standard integration capability to external equipment (fi. Bar/QRcode scanning hardware).

Smart modules & parameterisation

Smart modules are configurable standard software-libraries providing functionality that fit customer specific needs with all the characteristics of mature software. Some examples of these modules are: Logistics, Warehousing, and Article Management. The parameterisation possibilities of these modules are extensive, however kept consistent and easy by inheritance and maintenance functionalities. Simple, but effective fitting the DWS character: a no nonsense system that meets and exceeds expectations!

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